28 Day Challenge

This is a 28-day training program in which I give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to lose weight, toneup, skyrocket your energy, improve your health, and look & feel great in 2018.

Walking you through every step of the process you get…

– Bi weekly weigh in which includes:
– Body Weight
– Body Fat %
– Lean Muscle
– Body Water %
– Visceral Fat Level
– Metabolic Age
– Measurements

Step-by-step meal plan and complete recipes for 28 days so you’ll know EXACTLY what, when, and how much to eat every day. Daily calories and portions designed specifically to you.

Shopping List so you’ll know what foods to buy at the supermarket.

Training plan, Designed specially for you.

I’ve tested this program out, over and over again, and I’m convinced its the easiest and best way for you to start achieving your goals in 2017.

No matter what level of health and fitness you’re at now, this program is for you.

Select from one of our challenges listed below…

Q. Will I be living on shakes or starving myself?

Absolutely not! I don’t believe in deprivation or eating anything that doesn’t taste delicious.

In fact, you will only be eating whole foods. And you could be eating up to SIX times per day! Which means you will NOT be hungry on my program and you will NOT feel deprived.

And most of my recipes can be prepared in about 10 minutes or less. And i’m no Jamie Oliver, so they must be easy to prepare. So if you’re a busy person, this program is perfect for you!

Plus I have an exchange list if you’re vegetarian or follow a gluten-free or other special diet.

Q. Are the workouts long and strenuous?

No. I like to keep my workouts short but intense. Depending on your fitness level, will depend on the intensity of the session.

You’ll get WAY more benefit from my workouts than you would if you spend hours at the gym.

These workouts are designed to fit around your day, so you can do them before work, on your break or after work. Whichever works best for you.

Q. How much does it cost?

Well, most people expected me to be charging as much as €500…

But, my goal is for you to get the best results possible, I’ve decided to give you access to my entire 28 Day New You transformation program for just €99.99.