Boutique Classes

Keeping our classes small allows us focus on what’s important YOU. These intimate classes allow the instructor to monitor your progress from the time that you begin your classes with us. The smaller classes brings bigger and better results, with greater emphasis on technique, breathing, posture, core strength, mobility and flexibility.

Pilates + Ballet Barre Classes:
 33 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2
TRX Classes: 25 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2

TRX Classes Dublin

TRX was developed by US Navy Seals to enable them to train while stationed abroad. It allowed them continue training and the exercises ensured they developed power, strength, flexibility, mobility and tone at an intensity that suited themTRX delivers a total body workout that allows you perform over 300 exercises using your bodyweight s leverage against gravity to add resistance.

TRX training allows you train functionally and in different planes of motion, allowing the user to transition easily between exercises. TRX is not only functional, but it benefits people of all fitness levels and age groups from elite rugby players to senior gym goers to achieve the results they want.

As a complete body workout, TRX does not stress the joints or muscles and reduces the risk of injury.

“This class is a serious fat melter. It’s an intense workout but as you work with your own body weight you can take it to your own level”. – Martin

Pilates Classes Dublin

Complete Fitness Pilates aides your metabolism by promoting respiratory and circulatory function.

Similar to Yoga and martial arts, it helps to get you “centred” through coordination of movement and breathing techniques, calming your nerves and reducing stress.
Complete Fitness Pilates movements are focused around breathing, cervical alignment, rib and scapular stabilization, pelvic mobility and utilizing the transverses abdominals. Throughout your class your body will constantly be exposed to new muscular and kinesthetic challenges training your body to engage muscles in the their most efficient way.

“After a few sessions of Pilates with the Complete Fitness team my neck and back pains have disappeared”. – Marilyn

Ballet Barre Dublin

Are you looking for a class that targets your arms and legs?
Try our Ballet inspired work out!
Barre Pilates is a Ballet inspired Pilates class that focuses on elongating and toning your arms, legs and upper legs.
You hold and work from a Ballet bar, instead of lying on a mat.

– Toned and sculpted arms, legs and upper legs
– Lifted seat
– See results fast
– Relaxing, calming and balancing experience
– Experienced and popular teacher

“After 3 classes I can feel my thighs are tighter and my behind is lifted”. – Aoife

Complete Fitness Dublin – Class Timetable