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We invest in people who invest in themselves.

Dylan Crowe - Head Therapist & Co Founder

Bespoke Personal Training at Complete Fitness

Complete Personal Training offers the best Personal Training in Dublin. At Complete Personal Training we are 100% devoted to what we do. We will support and help you to achieve your goals from the moment you come through our doors to the day that those goals are reached. We will plan everything from your New Healthy Eating Plan, exercise program, to motivating you along your road to success.

Would you like to transform yourself into the best you can be? Achieve realistic goals? Avoid fad diets and poor supplementation? Our programs are not generic so each program is designed specifically for the individual. Our aim is to make exercise enjoyable, and ensure your lifestyle change is as easy as possible. If you think you are ready for change click here for your consultation and to sign up to Dublin’s premier Personal Training Studio.

How the Complete Fitness Program works:
We always meet our clients before we start training them. This session is a free consultation where we discuss your goals and targets for success. We will talk you through the process, our training, nutrition and healthy living plans. It is from this point we will design your individual program.

The Complete Fitness Personal Training Program:
Whether you’re training to lose weight, shift those last few pounds, train for a triathlon or marathon, or want to look amazing on a special day then contact Marc Smith on (087) 9799030 for more information or to book your consultation.

Faster results  |  Weight loss (fat loss)  |  Improved strength and conditioning  |  Inch Reduction  |  Body Tone  |  Improved posture  |  Improved Nutrition  |  Mental Clarity  |  Sounder Sleep  |  Mental Clarity  |  Sounder Sleep  |  Improved Sports Performance  |  Improved Flexibility  |   Sports Performance

What Our Clients Say…

I began training with Marc about 6 years ago. I have suffered from back pain for many years which hindered my ability to maintain any level of fitness. Marc devised a training program for me which mixed pilates, aerobic, weights and core training. As a result, my back got a lot stronger and fitness levels improved. I will even admit that I enjoyed the sessions, in particular hurling abuse at regular intervals to Marc, who is great at motivating you to push yourself that bit further to get results.

Emer Wilson