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Co-Founder | Head Therapist 
B.Sc in Sports Therapy, AiM, Dry Needling, LSSM, NiM

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I believe that “Relaxing your nervous system and promoting movement will reduce pain intensity and promote your ability for the body to fix itself”

Dylan Crowe

Dylan Crowe – Co Founder at Complete Fitness Dublin
I am a member of the Register of Physical Therapists of Ireland. Along with Marc Smith, I am one of the founders of Complete Fitness. I received my Bachelor of Sports Science Degree from Bedfordshire University in the UK. I have over 19 years’ experience working in the field of musclo-sketetal pain management as a Physical Therapist.

Throughout my development as a Physical Therapist, I have worked with a multitude of acute and severe chronic cases. I realise that as a Physical Therapist a full clinical postural assessment, as well as a “Hands-On” approach is the most effective way for managing pain/injury. All clients will receive a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to ensure full recovery.

I understand that Body work education is an ongoing process and, as such, continue to supplement my university education with courses that include: Myofascial trigger point dry needling, Tom Myers structural integration workshops, James Waslaski, orthopaedic and medical massage techniques workshops. I have been lucky enough to have studied under the tuition of Michael Kerr from the NIM to become a Manipulative Therapist.

I have completed my Level 1 and level 2 module in AiMs(Anatomy in motion) with Gary Ward. This movement assessment analysis has become an important part of my overall treatment.

“I cannot recommend Dylan as a physiotherapist enough. Apart from ALWAYS fixing the problem – he is also ruthlessly honest. He does not tell you that you need a course of treatments if you do not. You can always be sure that your money is well spent. He goes beyond the call of duty as well – giving exercise demonstrations for the ongoing self-management of your condition if it recurs. He appears to be constantly updating his knowledge and talks his clients through the process as he repairs whatever injury they have sustained. I have attended other Physical Therapists in the past – and none compare to <em>Dylan</em> for level of service, professionalism, knowledge and honesty.

Helen Duignam

Dylan's Video Injury Clinic