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But there is a secret not all trainers and gyms share.

Just training doesn’t always get you the results you want if you don’t do this one thing.

The simple truth is just training and hoping that the results will come won’t happen unless you create a solid plan from training to nutrition to lifestyle. There is nothing worse than putting in time and effort to see little or no result because one of the key areas is missing.

You must have a system to get to your desired goal.

That’s Complete Fitness’s speciality. We will train you within you your capabilities, using our metabolic conditioning model to ensure you achieve your results. We motivate and encourage you every step of the way. From your mobile friendly workout app to your nutrition plan, we are on call for you to answer all your questions as we embark on your journey together. With a mixture of weights, TRX, Kettlebells, Bodyweight and functional movement exercises, combined with our cardio phases on the CURVE treadmill, you will  achieve your desired results.

I know how to lose weight, tone up and keep the benefits of my hard work constantly, because I’ve come down from a whopping 18.5st to a manageable weight of 12st.

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I use my 15 years of experience to teach you how to lose weight, tone up, feel better about yourself and increase your confidence.

I know what you need to do, and above all, what you need to avoid doing to get the outcome that we plan for you.

 We will guide you on your journey to get the results you have always wanted.

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