3 real reasons to strengthen your glute(bum) muscles

  1. Glut Amnesia

Of course it doesn’t help that we sit on them all day. Your gluts spend most of the day relaxed, never needing to move. How can we expect them to swglutepic.2itch
on immediately when we stand up to move?  Well the truth is they are not the sharpest tool in the box. Your brain very cleverly adapts to use the slicker more efficient muscles in the legs and torso to help you walk, run, climb stairs and so on.

Glutes are the intersection between your upper and lower body. Glute muscles connect your legs to your pelvis and your pelvis to your spine. They are pretty important. Actually your glute muscles are huge in size compared to the rest of the musculature in the body. Why don’t we use them more?  The clever muscles are the agonists(opposing) to the glutes, the quadriceps and hip flexors. They tend to take over.  Here at Complete fitness our Functional training TRX classes and pilates classes allow time to focus specifically on glut activation. Lazy gluts can potentially lead to a myriad of problems with mobility, flexilibilty,  posture, injury and movement.



2.  Stronger Glutes will improve your running

Your gluts are the powerhouse musglute pics1cles in your body.  When used correctly they generate enough power to propel you forward making you run faster and further. They act to stablise your pelvis when you land on your heel. The help extend the hip back when pushing forward with the forefoot . Weak glutes when running can cause you to overuse you calves, quadriceps and hip flexors,  which again lead to more structural imbalances and potential injury. Strong glutes will optimise the kinetic chain when propelling forward. Strong glutes work in harmony with your foot and movement in gait when walking and running.



3. Prevent Lower Back Pain

If your feet are known as the foundation of the body, the glutes are the foundation of the lower back.  Try bending down to pick something up. As your body flexes forward your glute glutepic3muscles act as a decelerator. They lengthen but at the same time contract. This is called eccentric contraction.  Weak glutes can’t properly decelerate the forward flexion movement when bending over. The load of the upper body has nowhere else to go but the lower back. Ouch!!!

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Dylan Crowe Head Physical Therapist and Co owner of Complete Fitness.




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