Adding Speedwork to Marathon Training

Fast running strengthens your heart, boosts the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, and builds power in the legs. We should factor two fast runs into our training programs a week, coupled with a long run at the weekend. If your an older athlete you should leave two days between speed sessions.

What type of sessions should be added to to the program:

Depending on what time your aiming for will depend on whether you need to add speed sessions to your workout. If your looking to run a sub 4hr marathon, it is important to add speed work to your training. I would suggest alternating between the following on tuesdays:

5 or 6 x 800m. 90 sec recovery between each rep. These should be done at your or just below your 5km pace

10 x hill sprints. Sprint up a hill for 45 seconds, with 90 seconds recovery back to the start

6 x mile Repeaters. 3 min rest between each rep. These are done at your 10km pace.

You would need to build up to these amounts over the weeks, with the above distances covered over the last 3 weeks of the program before you taper down.

Thursdays, I would vary among the following:

6 x 5 mins at 5km pace. 90 seconds recovery

3 x 10mins at 10km pace. 1 min rest between sets.

2 x 20 mins at 10km pace. 2 min rest between sets

These are just some examples that can be added to your marathon training. It’ll mix the training up and hopefully aid you in gaining your marathon time.

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