" A sedentary working life is bad for your body AND bad for your business. We can help you and your company improve productivity and stay energised throughout the day.

Marc Smith - Head Trainer & Co Founder

Welcome to Complete Corporate Wellness…

We offer you the opportunity to show your staff that you care about their health and wellbeing by utilising our unique Corporate Wellness Service.
Employee Health is our business. Whether you are a single or multiple site organisation, we design programmes to deliver consistent, high quality corporate wellness programmes to staff for any workplace health need.
We offer a full menu of services across a range of offerings and we work with organisations to develop a strategy for a wellbeing uplift designed to meet with your unique requirements.

We design programmes that educate your employees on how to live a healthier, more energetic life, creating a culture within your organisation which supports employees looking to constantly upskill and evolve. There are huge benefits to employees of a healthier workforce and by investing in the education of your staff, teaching them how they can improve their health and well-being you are sending a message that you are focused not just on results today, but on the happy, successful futures of each individual you employ.

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We understand the impact that busy, stressful lives can have on health and wellbeing and our team of experts offer a holistic and preventative medicine approach with onsite therapy sessions as part of our Corporate Wellness approach.
We offer an integrated therapies solution through our accredited team of health care specialists.

Our team offerings include:
– Physical & Sports Therapy
– Foot Health Therapy
– Physiotherapy
– Acupuncture
– Massage Therapy


Delivered in your workplace, an environment that your staff are comfortable in, our Corporate Bootcamps are designed to rapidly improve the health and fitness of your employees, whilst encouraging teamwork.

We offer an extensive range of workouts including:
– Pilates
– Kettlebells
– Running Club
– Bootcamp
– Tai Chi and/or Yoga
– Box-Fit

With workouts scaled to suit varying fitness levels, our Bootcamps are all- inclusive sessions where staff members work alongside their colleagues, helping each other through a range of exercises and tasks, increasing both their personal fitness levels and the sense of unity within the workplace environment.


A unique partnership of our expertise and your location!
There are many different benefits to having an on site gym including supporting the health, fitness and wellbeing of your staff.
We can support your staff to reach new levels of health, fitness and strength with our fully trained team of gym managers. We provide you with all the services you need to make your in-house gym a success without the headache of worrying about running a successful gym!

Create an environment that inspires your staff to take the next step in their fitness and wellbeing supported by our expert trainers that will support them to achieve their fitness goals from complete beginners to advanced.

We provide all the offerings you would expect in your gym along with exclusive support with nutrition plans, fitness programmes, weight-loss and overall wellness and fitness approaches. Take the next step today to creating a first class wellness environment for your team!



Complete Fitness have been working with a very proactive law company for the last 4 years. Their HR manager who originally contacted us is very forward thinking and understood the benefits of implementing an active movement plan for her employees.
The law company have approx 120 employees. All employees have had a “Complete Fitness workstation assessment”
Our workstation assessment take 30 minutes. As the assessment is performed by a qualified Complete Fitness Physical Therapist any injuries or pain the employee has whilst sitting at their desk is solved with appropriate exercises. All workstation assessments are individualised to each employees to ensure they are completely happy.
The law company also use our facility for Corporate Pilates classes 3 times weekly. As all the classes are in the morning they find their employees are more energised and more proactive while working. They have also noted that less employees are out with back pain or away from their desk attending physio appointments.


Would you like our Nutrition Expert to come and give your employees complimentary talk on Nutrition?

Email and we will arrange a day and time to come in and talk to your employees.