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A sedentary working life is bad for your body AND bad for your business. We can help you and your company improve productivity and stay energised throughout the day..


I have been attending a group Pilates class for over 6 months at my place of work, The Houses of the Oireachtas.  It is immensely useful to have our classes “in-house” due to work constraints.  I find Marc Smith of Complete Fitness, very helpful and knowledgeable. Our classes are always enjoyable and we are challenged while Marc observes us closely to ensure we are moving correctly and giving it our best effort. By the end of each class I feel thoroughly exercised, relaxed and refreshed. In my job, I spend most of my time seated at a desk and working on a computer, so I find the classes have considerably helped to improve my posture, strength and flexibility”.

“I find the Pilates and Circuit classes very enjoyable (tough but enjoyable). Great variety with plenty of flexibility & movement in the classes. Marc is a very enthusiastic instructor and pushes us to do our best in each and every class. It’s great to be able to complete a class at lunchtime especially when it’s a real workout as most people have very busy lives outside of work and might not be able to fit these classes in otherwise. We really appreciate all Complete Fitness’s efforts to further our fitness levels and ensure we stay injury-free at the same time”.

“Classes with Complete Fitness are well thought out and structured. The class has advanced to a good standard while being able to accommodate new participants. The teacher is always enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the classes and overall anatomy and physiology to ensure a safe, enjoyable and injury-free class”.

“As part of our workplace wellness initiative, Bannon engaged Complete Fitness to provide Pilates classes for our staff.  They have been very helpful with their advice regarding the best times and costs of the program. It’s encouraging to see our colleagues coming back into the office looking invigorated from their lunchtime Pilates. As the results of the classes become more obvious, we have had an increase in staff participation. We highly recommend Marc and a team of excellent instructors to provide a workplace fitness program for all levels.  Thank you for strengthening our core!”.


I work full time and love eating, drinking, and hate exercising. As a result over the years, the pounds have piled on. While I have tried every app, fitness craze, diet, and treatment in an effort to lose excess weight, nothing has ever really worked. Complete Fitness offers a combination of nutritional and exercise advice in a user-friendly format.


Marc’s classes have helped me strengthen, improve my posture, flexibility, and tone up. The classes are enjoyable and suitable for all ages, body types, and different levels of fitness. I’d recommend anyone to try Marc’s classes and see the benefits for themselves.


I found Personal Training with Marc has me stronger, fitter, faster and as a result, I’m finishing races a lot stronger than I used to. I’d highly recommend Complete fitness for whatever goal you’ve set yourself. I’m consistently reaching mine and setting new goals with Marc to constantly improve.







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