3 reasons why you should sit at a desk properly to prevent pain.


Ergonomic AssessmentOur beautiful bodies are designed to move. Unfortunately today’s society dictates we have a more sedentary lifestyle. Are you sitting slouched at your desk staring at the screen reading this?

  • Do you find yourself sitting at the screen for hours on end?
    Ouch! Your head is more than likely rolling forward off your shoulders. This puts unwanted strain on your poor neck muscles. Your neck muscles are like ropes constantly under stress trying to keep your head on your shoulders. A good tip is bring your chair closer to your desk and your keyboard closer to your torso. Doing this simple action will bring your body back into neutral alignment.


  • Do you suffer from headaches?
    If your headaches are not coming from your neck they are more than likely coming from your eyes.  Always make sure that your screen is arm length from your shoulder.  Go for an eye test to see if you need glasses or to check if you need a prescription change. This can take the pressure off you facial and forehead muscle. Relax the eye muscles and allow your head to sit more comfortably on your shoulders. Your eyes and head will thank you for it.


  • Repetitive strain injury.
    Do you have constant wrist, elbow or shoulder pain? A great trick is to always ensure elbow touching the side of your rib cage. Having your elbow at a 90 degree angle will allow the shoulder girdle to sit nicely on the rib cage. Because the elbow is close to the ribcage you will be unable to slump. Hence, this will take the strain away from the shoulder and elbow and promote wrist alignment.

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