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Dylan Crowe - Head Therapist & Co Founder

Welcome to Complete Physical Therapy.

People in chronic pain, broken weekend-warriors getting ready for the next 10k or triathlon, pregnant women dealing with structural changes and new mothers with lower back problems. We see it all. Every articulation, every movement adaptation our patients paints a picture worth a 1000 words. The sub plots are intriguing also.

Do you suffer with back pain, neck and shoulder pain, Headaches, hip, knee or foot and ankle pain?

Our treatment goal is to rehabilitate your injury as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this goal we place a lot of emphasis on your initial assessment to locate the actual cause of your pain.

When you arrive at our clinic we will sit you down and discuss your injury or pain in detail. Depending on your injury we will then assess your posture, locating the asymmetry in your body. From here we perform a gait analysis (sometimes we video your walking movements to examine and compare changes from treatment to treatment). You will then be asked to perform particular movement exercises to analyse your mobility and function. When we have fully assessed you, your treatment plan will be laid out for you.

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Finbar – Back To Movement


Finbar is a Barrister by trade and enjoyed playing tennis to a good level. He came to Head Physical Therapist Dylan Crowe seeking help with his chronic lower back pain. He slipped on ice back in 2010 and landed straight onto his tailbone. He told Dylan that the pain eased after six weeks of rests but every time he went back playing tennis he couldn’t stand up straight for 3 days. As a result he was anxious about attempting any form of exercise. As he has a sedentary job and stopped exercising he had put on 3 stone in 6 years.
Dylan performed a multitude of functional tests to assess Finbar’s range of motion. He then did a Gait video analysis of Finbar walking. Dylan examined the relationship between his pelvis, ribcage and head whilst Finbar was walking and noticed a lack of movement in his spine. Dylan related to Finbar that possibly the fall onto his tailbone caused his spine to become rigid and stiff as a form of protective mechanism to prevent further trauma to the tailbone. When Finbar tried to go back playing tennis which rotational movements are needed, he didn’t have the functional ability to rotate his spine. This caused his lower back pain.
Dylan recommended a course of active rehabilitation. Various mobility exercises were shown to improve the movement relationship between the spine and the rest of the body. Finbar was recommended to take a course of beginners Pilates classes twice weekly. These classes strengthened Finbar’s core and more importantly gave him the confidence to move himself out of pain.

Finbar – Back to Movement

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