Myofacial Release Dublin 
Our Physical Therapists at Complete Fitness in Dublin are all qualified in the therapy of Myofascial Release. This is an incredibly effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

We like to describe the Myofascial system at Complete Fitness as a big long wrap of cling film that starts at the soles of your feet and wraps through and around every muscle, tendon, ligament and organ in the human body. If your body doesn’t treat this beautiful dense fascial wrap well it can cause a magnitude of problems in the body.

Please try this simple yet shining example of the effectiveness of Myofascial release. If you don’t have any injures, bend down to touch your toes whilst keeping your legs straight. Note how far you have reached. Now roll a golf ball or tennis ball under the soles of your feet for about 3 minutes each. When you have done that, try and touch your toes again. Wow, you will now have a much bigger reach. The cling film that was released on the soles of your feet is the same cling film that envelopes the hamstrings too. By releasing the fascia on the feet you created longer hamstrings.

When you come to a Complete Fitness Physical Therapist with a lower back problem and are wondering why on earth they are treating your knee, shoulder skull or foot, now you know.

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