Are You Setting Goals?

Donald Trump had a goal and a focus, whether you hate him or really despise him, or even like him(not sure about that), he set out to achieve his goal and look at him now. Not a day goes by, but he’s in the news spouting more garbage than a Panda bin collection truck.But he achieved his goal, even if it’s terrible that he did.

However, the athletes at theThe World Championships in London goals were a delight to see. The times were slower, but the racing was great. Something new every day.
Bolt probably doing an extra year to much, Gatlin getting booed and the British ladies 4x100m storming to a silver medal.
I could go on and on, but what struck me was no matter what, these athletes are chasing a goal, for some it was reaching london, for others it was standing on the Podium. Now it’s over they’ll have new goals.
So it got me thinking about goals, particularly goals my clients have set or I’ve set for them. As with sport, sometimes we hit the goals, sometimes we miss.

I know with the half Ironman in Lanzarote, I set myself a goal of completing it and hopefully not dropping out. My biggest fear was getting kicked in the swim, but luckily I came through it. I finished in the top half which set was far better than I expected. But I set a goal and I stuck to the plan. I had a few set backs along the way with small injuries, but i was determined to hit my goal, after all I put the work in.
The guys that are really serious about getting results don’t mind the near miss, they reset and refocus and go again.No excuses, just realised they fell off the wagon slightly and have gotten back on.
Which is great, especially when i ask for photos of their food. My inbox has more pictures of chicken breasts than KFC (they use real chicken apparently).

So I’m now offering everyone that has no goal and is just training away, that would like to set a goal and achieve the results they’re looking for to book in for a strategy consultation.
In this consultation we will assess and design a program for you including:
  • Weight and measurement
  • Body Fat analysis
  • Lean Muscle analysis
  • Metabolic age
  • Nutrition Advice/Plan
  • Training Plan
If your already training away, happy with how your feeling and getting the results you want, that’s brilliant.
But if your struggling, not getting to where you wanted to be email me at and we’ll look after you. So take the first step and email me, it will only cost you your time.
As this consultation would normally be €80.00, we are only doing it for a limited time. So email me today to book your consultationLooking forward to hearing from you.


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