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Do you want to learn Tai Chi with the best instructor in Ireland, Younis Fakhfakh?

Do you suffer from Back pain, neck pain, headaches, leg pain?

Would you like to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency?

If so, Tai chi has long been regarded as the most effective and safest form of Exercise Therapy.

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So, to sum up, the benefits of Tai Chi are many and include;

-becoming more skilful at any task or physical activity

-greatly lessening the chances of injury in any physical activity

-becoming far more body aware

-helping reduce the effects of physical strain or injury

-increasing flexibility, coordination and integration of body movement.

-increasing energy

-reducing stress


Younis Fakhfakh has been teaching and practising martial movement for over 22 years. Younis has also taught and trained with the best instructors in the world.

We are hoping to host the class on Friday evenings. Please register your interest if that time would suit you, or possibly a different time

YounisYounis| Amatsu Dublin| Complete Fitness| Dublin 2 Fakhfakh,

B.Sc., M.A., Amatsu Practitioner, Martial Arts Instructor.

086 305 7323


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