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 Most of Our Clients are just Like You.

They were tired of mindless training with no clear result in sight.

Are you just going to the gym and getting on the treadmill or x-trainer followed by a standard 6 week weights program where you were shown what to do in less than 20 minutes? Were you given a clear nutrition Plan? Healthy Living Advice? Did you have support 24/7? Were you Motivated? Was your progress tracked and modifications made to allow for work/life events?

Our standards are high, very high. We expect our clients to invest in themselves and put the work in.

To contact us when they have a problem with their training plan and to make the necessary changes to make them the best they can be.

We don’t care if you‘re at your lowest ebb with your fitness and nutrition when you come to us.

When you come through our doors we just care about how well You can do. That’s all we ask, do the best that you can do.

We have seen over the years from all our clients, that when they do the best they can and give it their all, they will achieve the results they have set to achieve and more.

Many of our clients are sitting at a desk all day.

They suffer from the problem of lack of time, poor nutrition, poor posture, and in pain. They wanted to lose weight, tone up, and feel great.

When they came to us, we worked on all aspects of their lives to ensure a fitter healthier body gets out of bed every day. 

Our clients are not just investing in the now, they are investing in the future. You see, as we age these problems you are beginning to see now get bigger and bigger. We start to get weight, feel terrible in their clothes (even avoiding wearing certain clothes as they make them feel worse), have less energy, feel like we have no free time, and above all feel more aches and pains. This brings us into a spiral of lack of exercise to bad eating habits

We look to educate our clients on making better choices from breakfast, lunch and dinner to training every day. You’ve probably met the person that ran a marathon when they were 40, and now their knees are wrecked and how they would never run a marathon. With the right training that person, not only could have run a marathon, but enjoyed it and done it without injuring themselves. Or the friend that swears by the latest fad diet, only to lose weight initially and then put even more weight on than they lost (yo-yo dieting).

We put plans and strategies together to help you achieve your goals. Whether its weight-loss, completing a marathon or ironman, or just getting fit and healthy for the years to come.

“Complete Fitness is  the most convenient and detailed online package available today.”

 If you’re someone that has tried other training regimes and felt they didn’t get the results
Need guidance from an experienced professional in their field to hit your goals

Then training with Marc at  Complete Fitness is critical for your success. Marc is here to ensure you hit those targets and make your dreams happen.

There are many components to looking and feeling good. There is no magic pill or potion. So what does it take?

We’ll guide you and bring you through all aspects of your training to get you to the next level of fitness. It won’t be easy, there will be bumps along the way. But if you want to reach your potential and feel good about yourself we’re here to help.

Popular Programs

Weight Loss



Athlete Training

Popular Programs

Weight Loss



Athlete Training

Make a Change

Real People.

Real Results.

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been in the industry long enough to know fads, pyramid schemes, short term results don’t work along with the many marketing tricks the fitness industry plays. I know what works and we’ll explore what works best for you.

We’ll break down your fitness and nutrition into easy to follow steps and implement these steps that will make the transition seamless.

We stay up to date on the latest research and what top trainers around the world are implementing to ensure their clients get the right results

We’ll ensure you don’t make the same mistakes you did in the past.

We’ve helped hundreds of others achieve the results they were after.

I work full time and love eating, drinking, and hate exercising. As a result over the years, the pounds have piled on. While I have tried every app, fitness craze, diet, and treatment in an effort to lose excess weight, nothing has ever really worked. Complete Fitness offers a combination of nutritional and exercise advice in a user-friendly format.


Marc’s classes have helped me strengthen, improve my posture, flexibility, and tone up. The classes are enjoyable and suitable for all ages, body types, and different levels of fitness. I’d recommend anyone to try Marc’s classes and see the benefits for themselves.


I found Personal Training with Marc has me stronger, fitter, faster and as a result, I’m finishing races a lot stronger than I used to. I’d highly recommend Complete fitness for whatever goal you’ve set yourself. I’m consistently reaching mine and setting new goals with Marc to constantly improve.




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